AI HoloBox product series makes stunning debut at AI EXPO TOKYO

As one of the world's top artificial intelligence exhibitions, the AI EXPO TOKYO was successfully held from May 22 to 24 at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center in Japan. This exhibition brought together the world's leading technology companies and has become an important platform for various industries to showcase the latest artificial intelligence breakthroughs and achievements.

NS display, with its new AI HoloBox series, and 19 other outstanding Shenzhen companies participated in the Shenzhen exhibition group led by the Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade and organized by the Shenzhen Chamber of International Commerce, and made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition. For NS display, this marks an important step in taking the brand and products overseas.

At the exhibition, NS display's product series showed its unique style, fully demonstrating human-computer interaction and holographic display technology. In particular, the main product, the small AI holographic desktop personal companion, not only attracted the attention of many visitors, but also attracted great attention from many media. NS display hopes to use this product to bring real companionship, smart and warm life to everyone.     

                         On-site interviews with Japanese local media


                             CCTV Financial Channel Live Report

In addition, NS display's large-scale holographic digital human display bucket has also become one of the focuses of the audience. This innovative device is 2 meters high and displays various animation characters with natural movements and rich images, highlighting its unique product features. We believe that this will become one of the best options for various industries to create super employees, save corporate labor costs, and achieve high-end services in the future.

It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, NS display actively participated in the China (Shenzhen)-Japan (Tokyo) Artificial Intelligence Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference organized by the Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Shenzhen Chamber of International Commerce. This exchange meeting attracted nearly a hundred business representatives and academic representatives from Shenzhen and Japan to discuss the future development trends and cooperation opportunities of the artificial intelligence industry.

Since its establishment, NS display has been focusing on the research and development of artificial intelligence and virtual digital human interaction related products. In the past two years, NS display has actively participated in many large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, including CES, Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Show and the Canton Fair. In the second half of this year, NS display also plans to participate in activities such as the International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany, and the ASEAN Expo in Nanning, Guangxi, aiming to further implement the "going global" strategy, expand brand awareness, and enhance product exposure. Gather Chinese power for the global artificial intelligence industry.

NS display’s goal is not only to bring its products overseas and share them with more people, but also to hope that everyone can be exposed to artificial intelligence and experience the convenience brought by artificial intelligence. We are committed to letting more people experience the existence and charm of artificial intelligence and realize the vision that everyone can experience and enjoy artificial intelligence

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