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AI HoloBox-ChatGPT-Powered Holographic Desktop Companion

AI HoloBox-ChatGPT-Powered Holographic Desktop Companion

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At the heart of AI HoloBox is the groundbreaking Reflective Light Field Holographic technology, designed to provide a holographic experience like no other. And, with ChatGPT integration, AI HoloBox not just presenting technology, but a glimpse into the future.

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Is there a charge of ChatGPT function?

We're offering 3 months of free usage to all customers. After the initial 3-month period, the monthly subscription fee will be a modest $12.99USD.

About the app

Our application is currently undergoing testing and will soon be available on the Apple Store and Google Play. We will provide the app before shipping, and it will be accessible on both Android and iOS platforms.

About Holographic Display and ChatGPT Performance

Our product's technology is primarily derived from videos, digital characters, and holographic images. It supports uploading videos with a pure black background. You can experiment with 3D scanning to create interesting holographic displays, interacting with ChatGPT – a fascinating desktop companion! Currently, ChatGPT supports English, with plans to add more languages in the future.